Our Mission

The mission of the Children's Cooperative Playschool is to provide high quality care and early education for one through five-year-old children, create a welcoming environment for parents, and sustain a community of families working together to meet a common goal.

We define "high quality care and early education" as follows:

  • a safe, nurturing and accepting environment in which children are encouraged to develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills through play

  • a family-oriented, child-centered environment that respects and incorporates the variety of traditions and family structures that make-up our school as well as our community at large

  • a well balanced schedule including outside and inside time, structured as well as free-choice time, every day for every child,

  • low Teacher/student ratios which allow for strong bonds between children and Teachers, as well as allow Teachers to focus on each child’s individual needs and learning style

How we strive to create a welcoming environment for parents:

  • Co-op members are equal owners in the business. As such parents have the right to voice their opinions on policy changes that affect their child’s daily experience at school as well as have the responsibility to aid in the functioning of the school

  • daily opportunities to talk with Teachers

  • activities to meet and mingle with other parents and families (at pot-lucks, brown-bag lunches and on the playground)

  • the opportunity to be in the classroom and to get to know not only their own child and his/her routine, but also their child’s playmates and Teachers

  • interactive family jobs/responsibilities that allow parents to work together for a common goal

  • the chance to make a difference and be an active part of their child's education

All of these activities and more create a community that works together to meet a basic need: the education and primary care of our children. As a collective of caring and involved families, we are able not only to make a difference in our child’s immediate education, but also become empowered to continue to advocate for our children as they move through the educational system. We create a foundation for children to become inquisitive and eager learners, and for parents to become/further become active, involved parts in their children’s education and future.