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Weekly Plans - August 31, 2012

posted Sep 3, 2012, 7:23 PM by Coop Webperson   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 7:23 PM by John Lim ]
Wildflower Parents,

It has been an absolutely amazing first week of school for the Wildflowers!

The children are quickly picking up their routine, responsibilities in the classroom and getting turns on a few new and popular toys:)

During our first week of school, the children have been following 3-4 step directions extremely well. The are adjusting to a new schedule and new opportunities. The Wildflowers have found their circle mats independantly at our morning mtg and found an appropriate space on the rug for their mat. During snack and lunch, the children are already very self sufficient; after sanitizing their hands, they pick up their paper towel, snack and find their placemat at the table (with their name in print). They are trying and being most successful at opening containers independently or with a little help:) We are making HUGE progress in just the few first days of school!

We've had volunteers to give attendance reports, weather reports, the day of the week in addition to the month. Several children have had the opportunity to be the "animal caretaker" and feed the frogs, snails and fish in addition to a line leader of course, a snack supervisor and the list could go on. They are absolutely astounding at how quickly they are picking up the various tasks and needing very little to no assistance in completing them.

We've had a few art projects available this week in addition to the ability to work in our journals with stickers, stamps, colored pencils, crayons and markers; most of the children have been much more interested in meeting new friends, playing and exploring their new classroom. Next week, we'll work on a few "cooperative" art projects to continue to build upon the classroom group dynamic and unity:)

This week during our morning meeting, I've been showing the children several "learning centers" at a time and showing them how to use the center appropriate and how to put it away. The children have enjoyed exploring these various centers and we will continue to learn about them as a group next week.

Beginning the third week of school, we will begin working in our "Morning Meeting folders" in addition to introducing the "letter of the week".

Next week, we have a friend that will be on vacation next week. There are open spots on Mon-Thurs and two spots on Wednesday. Please send me an email if you would like to sign in for one or more of those days. The cost is $25/day.

Lastly, you, as parents, have homework to do! Please keep in mind that our theme will be My Family during the week of Sept 17th-Sept 21st. It's a tradition at the preschool that each family makes a picture collage of their Wildflowers family/friends/pets that are part of their life. We share these collages with each other, which is great fun!

Your collage will come in handy when we begin showcasing the "Family of the Week" in the common room and we will be starting with the Wildflowers families:) More info to come about that.

Have a lovely weekend and I expect another great week of fun, learning and friendship!