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Weekly Letter #23 - February 12, 2012

posted Apr 3, 2012, 7:59 PM by Coop Webperson   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 7:59 PM by John Lim ]
Hi Wildflower Families --

I don't know about you, but -- in terms of the weekend -- I desperately need a do-over. Yesterday, we moved the school to its new location. Of course, it's not as cozy and homey as our old location, but I truly tried to add a bit of that feel to the new room. I strongly encourage you to bring your child(ren) to the open house this afternoon at 3:00, so that that may say the new digs.

Also, please plan to attend the membership meeting tomorrow night at 7:00. The board will update members about the state of the building issue, and take questions, concerns and ideas.

Okay, back to important classroomI business: If you plan to send in valentines, please do so on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll let each child deliver them to their classmates and every child will bring home a Valentine’s bag. We’ll make Valentine’s goodies, chart conversation hearts, and find out how to sign “I love you.” Maybe they will be able to show you the actions for this Valentine poem:

Make a Heart

I put my hands together, this is how I start;
I curve my fingers right around and I can make a Heart!

This week, we'll continue our unit on animals by talking about jungle animals. We’ll talk about what the jungle is like, where jungles are located and the types of animals that live in the jungle. We'll make binoculars and explore our new building and playground. Then we'll paint a giant snake with textured rollers, create tigers faces, and make rain sticks. We’ll read The Temper Tantrum Book and talk about how jungle animals care for their young. We’ll also learn the signs for several jungle animals. And, we’ll talk about the letter ‘Vv,’ Valentine! Lots to do! I look forward to seeing everyone this week.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with me --