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Weekly Letter #36 - May 20, 2012

posted Aug 7, 2012, 7:32 PM by Coop Webperson   [ updated Aug 7, 2012, 7:35 PM by John Lim ]
Hi Wildflower families --

What a fun week for the Wildflowers! We had LOTS of outside time and picnicking in the beautiful weather.

We also put on our lab coats and made some craaaaazzzzyyyy concoctions! Our classroom was full of mad scientists, and we made slime, an erupting volcano, smelly playdough, and other insanities. In ASL, they learned the signs for “clean,” “dirty,” and “cook.” Our critter spotlight was on penguins, and we learned that penguins stand in line to wait for their turn to jump off an ice block; then they pop out of the water and line up again -- just like kids on the diving board! Clever little birds!

This week, our theme is [drum roll] ... CARNIVAL! We’ll make masks, get tattoos, design clown hats, create a Wildflower merry-go-round, and play Pin the Nose on the Clown and roller ball. We’ll read Olivia Saves the Circus and Ten Apples Up on Top. The children want to talk about constrictors this week (yikes!). We’ll continue to have lots of outside time, and so don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your child.

If you haven’t already, please remember to sign up to help with the carnival this Friday. Really, it’s an hour of fun with the children and they love to share their joy with you most of all. Even if you don’t volunteer, I am hoping all parents will to come from 12:00 to 1:00 on Friday and help their children with the various carnival stations. This day is a blast for the children, and they love it when their parents are there to enjoy the excitement with them.

Thank you for sharing your children with me,