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Weekly Theme - May 28, 2012

posted Aug 7, 2012, 9:39 PM by Coop Webperson   [ updated Aug 7, 2012, 9:39 PM by John Lim ]
hello everyone! we're counting down the final days of the school year---hard to believe! thanks to all of you that made it to the carnival. it was so much fun---one of my favorite events of the year. i was glad we managed to make it so successful. this week we have another event that needs participation: our lemonade stand. last year the kids and teachers organized our own little fundraiser. we made lemonade and cookies and raised the money to buy our light table!

we'd like to do the same thing again! only this year, without a kitchen to bake in, we will need parent donations of cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats, and a few cans of country time lemonade mix, and plastic cups. please let me know what you can bring. the kids will make posters, mix up the lemonade, make decorations, and the older kids will run the register. if you can donate baked goods, please bag a few cookies per ziploc bag and bring them in on thursday or friday. each bag and each cup of lemonade will sell for one dollar.

we will set up the stand under the covered shelter near the playground. on thursday and friday you can send in a couple of dollars with your child and we will walk them out to buy goodies, and you can buy goodies yourself when you come. we will total the money and let the kids vote on what to buy! the kids last year were sooooo proud and excited by this project. we thought we couldn't do it this year without a kitchen, but we decided to give it a try. please let me know what you can do to help! and for the kids that don't come thursday or friday, let me know if you would like to sign them in on one of those days so they can participate. i don't want anyone to miss out!