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Weekly Theme - February 4, 2012

posted Apr 3, 2012, 8:57 PM by Coop Webperson   [ updated Apr 3, 2012, 8:57 PM by John Lim ]
hello everyone! the sunbeams are having a great time with our monthly theme, "animals". last week we explored pets. we made calico cats, painted ceramic pets, and met miranda's dog, kaya. this week we will be talking about ocean creatures. we'll make an ocean collage, create fish magnets, and make starfish.

as kinsey's recent email explained, this is also the week that we will begin to prepare the kids for our move into our new space, hope valley baptist church. the education wing of the church is beautiful--large, bright classrooms, a fantastic playground, and a gymnasium to use on rainy days! after so much worry and anxiety, it was such a relief to finally see the space and know that our kids are going to have a great experience there.

the wing has four large preschool classrooms, and since our school has five classes daily it will be necessary for two classes to share a classroom. after much much much discussion with kinsey and the teachers, we finally decided that the sunbeams and rainbows would share the largest classroom. our classes are closest in age, have small numbers of kids, and have existing friendships between several of the children. the room is very large--over twice the size of the current rainbow room. i am bringing the couch, rug and lots of the sunbeam toys (the garage and cars for sure!) so the kids will walk in and have a sense of familiarity. we will have some separate areas of the classroom, but we will allow the kids to roam around and play with all of the toys and children.

i am very excited about this opportunity. jessica and i have worked together for many years, and have run summer camp together for the last several years. we will continue to do separate lesson plans and have age appropriate activities for each of our classes, but we will also have the chance to plan some fun activities for the kids to do together. i think that sunbeams are going to LOVE this classroom. it is huge, with a bathroom and sink right in the room!

i know this is a big adjustment for all of us, but i think as long as we really stay positive and treat this as a fun and exciting adventure, the children will have an easier transition. i plan on talking to the sunbeams about it this week. i will explain that our school needs some fixing, and we have to move to a different building while the workers come in to fix our school. i will let them know that i will be at the new building, along with all of their friends. and i will tell them that we will get to do art and playtime with the rainbows, too. we will have lots of the same toys and some new toys to play with too.

the open house at the new building will be next sunday at 3pm. please make every effort to come---it will really help the kids to see the new room and to feel excited about this transition. if for some reason you absolutely can't be there, don't worry. if there is one thing i feel confident about, it is being able to help children transition into new situations. i will be there to give lots of hugs.

i really think this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for the school. i am excited about being in such a lovely space and am so so grateful that hope valley baptist church opened their doors to us. i know when you walk in and see the space you are going to share my excitement. please let me know if you have any questions or concerns that i can help with. i have been a part of this community for so many years and feel so fortunate to be part of a school that has such a deep level of caring and commitment to the well-being of our children. thank you so much for your patience with all of this. i love our school so much, and am so grateful that we have such an amazing group of teachers and parents, and grateful to kinsey for her commitment and unwavering optimism.

see you soon--