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Weekly Plans - May 28, 2012

posted Aug 7, 2012, 4:20 PM by Coop Webperson   [ updated Aug 7, 2012, 4:20 PM by John Lim ]
Rainbow Parents,

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day with friends and family:)

Just a few quick notes about this week:

The theme this week is Vacation! This theme will be explored very loosely as we talk about where we like to go on vacation such as the beach or camping etc. We'll make some favorite art projects (spin art) and use our imagination a bit as we go "camping"!

Just a reminder....I will be out on Wedneday and Thursday of this week. Currently, the sub parents are Susannah (Cyrus's Mom) and Glen (Emme's Dad) respectively.

Our last day of school this year is on Wednesday, June 6th with our graduation, for all students, beginning at 12 noon, followed by a potluck! Please plan to attend even if your child does not typically come to school on Wednesdays as each child will be announced and presented with his or her "goodbye book".

Thank you for attending and/or running a game/snack stand at the carnival! A good time was had by all:)

On Thursday and Friday of this week, the children will be having a bake/lemonade stand to raise money for an agreed upon toy/product for the school. This is our second year having the children run the bake sale, make lemonade and help make baked goods for the stand. Last year our proceeds allowed us to purchase our awesome light table!

Each class will contribute in dedicated ways. The Rainbows will be making rice krispie treats and lemonade to sell at the bake sale. Typically, each class would make several baked goods and then sell them at the stand; however, since we do not have a kitchen at our current location, this is not possible.

You can support the bake sale/lemonade stand in the following ways:

Donate individually packaged baked goods ( a portion to be sold for $1)
Let your child bring in a lemon
Give your child a couple of dollars (or you can give it to me:) They get a turn to "shop" following lunch
Purchase something yourself at pick up

Coop Bake Sale
Thursday May 31st and Friday June 1st
All drinks and baked goods are $1 each

Thanks for all your support!