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Hi Rainbow Families

We are settling in very smoothly to our new classroom! We had fun talking a little about our bodies and a very lively conversation about healthy or as we now like to call them.. "energy foods" We touched a little on using our words instead of our bodies to express ourselves but best of all was the "Chicken Song " (an old jazz song - Chicken Rhythm -now a firm favorite in the rainbow room)! 

We successfully introduced daily helpers to our day this week...so check with your child and find out what job they were given. Everyone has a different helper job each day. Also, everyone is grasping the concept of the "sharing basket" and is doing an awesome job of letting friends take a turn or a look at a special item from home and best of all returning it to the sharing basket until the end of the day! 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be introducing " Rainbow Headlines" This will be our news time where each rainbow will share a news item and get to see it written as a headline. I will keep you posted! 

You may have noticed some half eaten sandwiches and left over lunches coming home, this is purposefully done so that you can see what your child has eaten (or not). They are also encouraged to pack up and clean up their own snack and lunch independently. 

We have been very fortunate to be able to picnic outside this last week and will continue to do so whenever we can! Look out for our Rainbow Flag (by the playground gate) to signal we are outside. 

"Extra fun" began last week so please keep in mind you can sign up for a little extra time for yourself and extra fun for your child on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3pm and on Fridays we have an awesome Creative Movement program from 1-2pm. Look for the calendar in the hallway opposite the WildFlower Classroom to sign up. 

This week's theme is "My Family". Looking forward to seeing all of my special Rainbow Family next week! Fabia

Rainbows, Me And My Body Week 3

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Hi Rainbow Families! 

We had another super week in the Rainbow room! We are all gradually adjusting to the school day and look forward to welcoming Gabriel back this week. We are getting to know each other and enjoyed playing with the Sunbeams on the deck last week! Look out for "Extra Fun" starting this week...feel free to ask me or any other teacher for details! 

See you at school!

Weekly Plans - June 3, 2012

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Rainbow Parents,

It is bittersweet to be coming to the end of another school year and my sweet little Rainbows are moving on up! They've grown so much and made so many strides over the last several months. It's sincerely been my privilege and pleasure to be each and every child's teacher:)

This week we'll be wrapping things up by talking about graduation, summer, moving to older classes, new schools etc. We'll be practicing our songs for our graduation celebration. Please plan to attend even if your child does not normally go to school that day. Just arrive five minutes early and they can join us for our sing a long, presentation of "goodbye books" and a potluck following.

Wednesday, June 6th, 12pm: Graduation and Potluck (Last day of school)



Weekly Plans - May 28, 2012

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Rainbow Parents,

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day with friends and family:)

Just a few quick notes about this week:

The theme this week is Vacation! This theme will be explored very loosely as we talk about where we like to go on vacation such as the beach or camping etc. We'll make some favorite art projects (spin art) and use our imagination a bit as we go "camping"!

Just a reminder....I will be out on Wedneday and Thursday of this week. Currently, the sub parents are Susannah (Cyrus's Mom) and Glen (Emme's Dad) respectively.

Our last day of school this year is on Wednesday, June 6th with our graduation, for all students, beginning at 12 noon, followed by a potluck! Please plan to attend even if your child does not typically come to school on Wednesdays as each child will be announced and presented with his or her "goodbye book".

Thank you for attending and/or running a game/snack stand at the carnival! A good time was had by all:)

On Thursday and Friday of this week, the children will be having a bake/lemonade stand to raise money for an agreed upon toy/product for the school. This is our second year having the children run the bake sale, make lemonade and help make baked goods for the stand. Last year our proceeds allowed us to purchase our awesome light table!

Each class will contribute in dedicated ways. The Rainbows will be making rice krispie treats and lemonade to sell at the bake sale. Typically, each class would make several baked goods and then sell them at the stand; however, since we do not have a kitchen at our current location, this is not possible.

You can support the bake sale/lemonade stand in the following ways:

Donate individually packaged baked goods ( a portion to be sold for $1)
Let your child bring in a lemon
Give your child a couple of dollars (or you can give it to me:) They get a turn to "shop" following lunch
Purchase something yourself at pick up

Coop Bake Sale
Thursday May 31st and Friday June 1st
All drinks and baked goods are $1 each

Thanks for all your support!


Weekly Plans - May 20, 2012

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Rainbow Parents,

I've attached the plans for this week. The Carnival Theme is always a favorite amongst all of the students, especially with our own Carnival at the end of the week on Friday, May 25th from 12-1pm! If your child attends that day, we will be eating lunch early and please plan for at least one parent to attend the carnival to join in on the fun!

As indicated in the lesson plan, it's hard to believe it but the last day of school is fast approaching, June 6th!

Your children all have a special place in my heart; each for their own personality, quirkiness or just plain being cute and sweet. They've all grown and matured so much and it's that time of year when I see just how much they've changed. Even their photos from early in the school year are very different from the children that I've photographed more recently.

Although we only have a few more weeks as Rainbows; something tells me we will get to spend much more time together soon:)


The Carnival

We'll be enjoying songs, crafts, games, activities all related to the carnival theme in addition to sharing a few favorite books about carnival fun.


Fancy Masks

Clown Creations

The Crane Game

Cotton Candy Craft

We'll enjoy air popping popcorn together for snack

Additional Info/ Dates to Remember:

Friday, May 25th: Annual Spring Coop Carnival, 12-1pm: Please join us for snacks, games, prizes and tons of fun. All families are encouraged to attend, even if your child does not go to school on Fridays.

Monday, May 28th: No School: Memorial Day Holiday

Wednesday, June 6th: Coop Graduation (Last Day of School): 12 noon sharp:)

Enjoy your Sunday,


Weekly Plans - May 13, 2012

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Good Morning,

Happy Mother's Day!

I can't say enough how moved I am of all the love and appreciation you've shown to me not only last week but throughout the school year as well. I've really enjoyed this year and getting to know all of your children even better:)

This upcoming week's theme is Crazy Concoctions, a preschooler's dream!

We'll be making some messes, mixing mediums and having fun in the process!


We'll make our own "goop"

Homemade Play doh

Volcanoes may be seen errupting in the sand box

Mixed Medium Art Projects

Cooking Project

Additional Info/Dates to Remember:

*Thursday, May 17th: NO MEMBERSHIP MTG
*Friday, May 25th: Coop's Annual Carnival: Please plan to arrive at 12pm to guide your child through the various games and activities, not to mention a bounce house!
*Wednesday, June 6th, 12 noon sharp: Coop Graduation! All children in each class will be announced and presented with their "goodbye books". A potluck will follow the ceremony.

Enjoy your day,


Weekly Plans - May 6, 2012

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Good Evening Parents,

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather over the weekend! My family spent most of the weekend outdoors with baseball games for all:)

This week the Rainbows will be enjoy listening to several books by some of my favorite children's authors and we'll make related crafts as well.

We'll also talk about and share our favorite books as a group as well. Please feel free to send in a "favorite" of your child's and we'll share it together.


Christina Katerina and the Box, by Patricia Lee Gauch
Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak
Katy and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton
The Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle
The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch


Group Project: Box Creation
We'll make our own crowns, add whiskers and be "wild things"
Activity: Tractor Tracks and Moving Snow
A big fat leaf creation for the hungry caterpillar
A Mother's Day Surprise!

Dates to Remember/Additional Info:

Wednesday, May 9th (no school for students): If you would like to schedule a conference and haven't already done so already, please sign up on the sheet located in the classroom. If you do indeed use the playground childcare, please volunteer to work a shift as well. The sign up sheet for childcare is located in the hallway over the family folder and dues box.

Thanks for sharing your little ones with me,


Weekly Plans - April 29, 2012

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Good Evening,

Please see the plans below for this week.

And on an added note, I will be leaving the preschool shortly after 10am to attend the open house at Pilgrim United Church. Please join me and have a chance to see the lovely space that the church is offering to us for next year.

Marianne, Tessa's Mom, has graciously volunteered to substitute for me. Please share this information if your child attends tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,


Theme: Creepy Crawlies

This week we’ll learn about various creepy crawlies and explore how some of those creatures are helpful to us. The Rainbows will study a few specimens up close, using a magnifying glass. We’ll talk about the differences we see amongst the various examples by observing different bugs on the playground.

  • Ladybugs
  • Painting with “worms”
  • We’ll make our own flower and sip “nectar” like a butterfly
  • Spider craft
  • Insect Painting
Additional Info/Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, May 2, 7pm: Membership Mtg
Wednesday, May 9: Parent/Teacher Conferences: No school for students

Weekly Plans - April 22, 2012

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Good Evening Rainbow Parents,

The plans are attached for this week. Hopefully we'll have some nice weather and be able to picnic a day or two this week!

Enjoy your evening,


Theme: Gardening

This week we’ll explore various plants and flowers and learn how to care for them. The Rainbows will plant seeds and review what a plant or flower needs to survive.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of different creatures in regards to plants, flowers or trees; including worms, bees, butterflies and birds. We’ll focus on how these creatures help to spread seeds and/or pollen.

  • We’ll plant grass seeds and make grass heads
  • We’ll root a sweet potato as a class to observe over the next several weeks.
  • Tissue Paper flowers
  • Water Color Butterflies
  • Hand Print Flowers
Additional Info/Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, April 24th: Teacher Work Day/Field Trip for students and families

Weekly Plans - April 15, 2012

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Good Evening,

It's hard to believe that we are closing in on the last few months of school. I've so enjoyed this school year, even with it's many changes, and I've especially enjoyed getting to know each and every Rainbow student.

I've had the priviledge to watch them grow and mature so very much since August:)

Over the next month or so, we'll continue to practice writing our names and talking about the various phonetic sounds in our names as well as common words within the parameters of our playbased curriculum.

The plans are attached for this week:)


Theme: Being Green

We will discuss and learn about ways we can reuse materials and help in simple ways to keep our earth healthy as we celebrate Earth Day this week. The Rainbows will explore simple ways that even they can make a difference. We’ll also talk about the different ways our families already reduce, reuse and recycle!


  • Group Project: We’ll build a pretend vehicle out of previously used materials and decorate it as a class!
  • A Recycled Robot
  • Earth Pendants
  • Litter Bug Craft
  • Creating the Earth: A Rainbow interpretation
  • Additional Info/Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, April 24th: Coop Field Trip/Teacher Work Day: Please be on the look out for more information regarding whatever exciting field trip is planned.

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