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Family Fun Day A Huge Success!!

posted Aug 19, 2012, 6:54 AM by Coop Webperson
Fellow Co-opers!

Was that a family FUN day or what?! It was heartwarming and inspirational to see the past, present and future co-op families (re)uniting in our (new) old building.

Congratulations to all the families who pitched in during the family work days. THANK YOU, CO-OP TEACHERS, for giving extra time and effort to get your rooms ready for this most unusual and special year.

Thanks to Fundraising Chair Susan Strohlein and Special Fundraising Projects Coordinator Judy Ray for arranging the tile fundraiser. Looking over the many tiles painted, I realize we have several genuine artists in our community!

I'd also like to offer a HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU TO KINSEY for her wonderful coordination of the Family Fun Day, her amazing, tireless leadership and all out effort to make sure the school renovations were completed on time and all of the the little details were addressed.

As school gets underway, I wanted all of you to remember that, in additon to Kinsey, your co-op board is a resource for you. We'll get answers to your questions and are here to help address any concerns you may have. It a bit selfish actually- we can only do our family jobs well if you are letting us know how everything is going!

Looking forward to a year of celebration and renewal,
Jeremy Baggish
Co-op Board Chair
Dad to Sunbeam Miriam
and Oscar, class of 2012