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Dewdrop Families -

The Dewdrops had a super week. The children all painted with dot paint,
built and crashed block towers, raced toy cars on the big ramp, popped bubbles on the deck and played
in the sensory table filled with dry grits and coffee grounds. During snack time the children enjoy
being read to - their favorite book this past week was Mrs Wishy Washy's farm.

This coming week we will continue with the "Me" monthly theme and talk about our families.
Don't forget to bring a sweater or jacket this week - the weather is getting cooler.

Thank you for sharing your precious children!

Dewdrops - September 10-14

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Dewdrops! -

What a great week of school we had in the Dewdrop room.
The children have enjoyed getting to know each other and seeing new faces around the school.
Some of the children painted and played in water this week which was very fun!
Our favorite books this week were - Quick As A Cricket! & Trucks!

Looking ahead at this week - we will continue with the theme of My School and Me!
Please remember to bring in a (non returnable) family photo if you have not done so already.

Dewdrop helpful info:

- Children's School Bags for Dewdrops (please send a child size backpack or school tote bag)
We are having so much fun with water and sensory play that changing of clothes is frequent.... I am going to place your children's extra clothing
in their school bags on Tuesday for you to send back and fourth to school each day in their bags.. with frequent clothing changes, weather changing
and shortage of classroom storage this will work out really well for the Dewdrops.

So please make sure each day your child arrives to school with the following...
1) snack/water cup
2) lunch box/separate beverage
3) a change of clothing (in ziplock or similar)
4) diapers if needed*
5) jacket/sweater if needed*

- Contact Information
Please make sure that you are able to be reached by phone during the school day through
the phone numbers your submitted on your emergency cards.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family!
See you on Tuesday morning!
Melissa Ervin

Dewdrops - September 3-7, 2012

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I hope you all are enjoying your long holiday weekend!

We had a good first week at Children's Cooperative Playschool. The children enjoyed playing outside, listening to stories - Brown Bear, Brown Bear - was a favorite!, singing songs, playing with play dough and splashing in the water were huge hits!

Please remember to pack a small snack - Labeled (with water - Sippy) and to pack a lunch for you child in a lunch box/bag WITH a Beverage. If you child's lunch needs to stay cool please use an ice pack. The Dewdrops are enjoying their lunches at school! Fruits, veggies and sandwiches are the talk of the lunch table! :)

Separation from families at drop off can be tough for the first few weeks and after any long breaks. Please remember that a quick goodbye is easier on your kiddos.

Each week we have a school wide theme. This coming week is ME! So in the Dewdrop room we will continue to get to know each other!

Looking ahead: The following week our theme is Family so if you would please send in a photo that you don't need returned (printed from your printer is fine/ nothing fancy)

Please feel free to contact me anytime!
Thanks for sharing your precious children!
See you all on Tuesday!

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