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The Wildflowers are four- and five-year-olds. Families may choose for their child to attend between two and five days per week. The ratio is nine to ten children to one teacher.

Weekly Wildflower Letter to Parents:

What a productive week we've had in the Wildflower classroom this week!

We've put all of our day and tasks together and flowed thru rather well:)

The Wildflowers began with our letter of the week "A,a", we traced and/or wrote the uppercase and lowercase "A,a" as well as reviewed the sounds of the letter. The tangible items that the children are bringing in that start with the letter "A" are really helping them to remember those words that begin with the long and short sounds of "A". Words suggestions included "airplane", "axe", "Alex", "Amy", "atomic", "ant", "ape", "acorn", "apple" and a special friend stumped me with a bag of "air"!!!!

This week some Wildflowers painted frames and created Family Portraits and others created a self portrait! We made our Family Trees and talked about just how different families can be.

The children have enjoyed sharing their family collages with the class. If you haven't done so already, please make one and send it in next week. We'll continue with the explorations of our families considering our theme next week.

Next week our theme is "All About Me" and we will continue to share more with each other as well as explore what makes us unique and what makes us the same. 

On Monday, there is an open spot as well as Wednesday. Please email me if you are interested in picking up an extra day.

Additional Info/Dates to Remember:

Thursday, September, 20th, 7pm: Membership Meeting: Please let Kinsey know ASAP if you need childcare.
Saturday, October 13th: Coop Consignment Sale: Keep this date open! It's a great way to make extra money for yourself as well as our wonderful school.

Our letter for next week will be "B,b". Please keep encouraging your children to find sharing items that begin with the letter of the week! They are very enthusiastic about sharing their "word wizard" items:)

Have a wonderful weekend.