School Calendar

Children’s Cooperative Playschool 2016-2017 Calendar



14th Board Meeting 7:00 pm

18th-19th Home Visits

22nd-26th           Teacher Work Days  

27th                Play date on the playground, times tbd                          

29th                 Child Orientation (children come with parents, check schedule)

30th    First full day of school


2nd Welcome brown bag lunch  (School closes at 12:00)

5th                   Labor Day Holiday--no classes                                                   

11th Board Meeting 7:00 pm

15th Membership  Meeting 7:00 pm (6:30 for new families)

27th Teacher Workday: no classes                      



5th Parent/Teacher Night Out (tentative, time tbd)

9th                   Board Meeting 7:00 pm                               

13th Teacher/Parent conferences                                                                                                                                     

31st                             Halloween Parade & Potluck (School closes at 12:00 pm)

22nd Fall Consignment Sale  


2nd 3rd 5th     School and family pictures by David Gellalty

11th                 Veteran’s Day Holiday: no classes                 

13th                 Board Meeting 7:00 pm   

15th Membership Meeting  7:00 pm                                                                                            

23rd                Teacher Work Day: no classes                                                                                        

24th-25th Thanksgiving Holiday--no classes                                              


13th                Board Meeting 7:00 pm                                       

21st Winter Celebration & Sing-along (School closes at 12:00 pm)

22nd-Jan 1st    Winter Break



2nd      Teacher workday                                                      

8th Board Meeting 7:00 pm    

16th                 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday--no classes                                                              

20th Re-enrollment forms due                         

28th                 Open House 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


12th Board Meeting 7:00 pm

15th Scholarship Applications due

16th                 Membership Meeting 7:00 pm

21st                 Teacher Workday/staff dev day--no classes                        



12th Board Meeting 7:00 pm 

tbd Silent Auction                                                                                                            

27th-31st         Spring Break / no classes



3rd Teacher Workday: no classes                                      

4th                   School resumes

9th Board Meeting 7:00 pm

18th Membership meeting 7:00 pm

27th                 Teacher conferences: no classes                                                                                                                              

tbd Spring Consignment Sale (usually a Saturday)

tbd                   Grounds workday


tbd   Art show

21st Board Meeting 7:00 pm

25th Membership meeting 7:00 pm (only if needed to elect officers)                 

26th Spring Carnival  12:00 pm   (school closes at 12:00)

29th Memorial Day Holiday/ no classes                               


7th Last Day of School/End of Year Celebration, school closes at 12

8th & 9th         Teacher workdays

tbd                   Board meeting/ New and Former members attend

PLAYcamp starts June 19th