School Calendar



12th                      Board Meeting 7:00 pm

16th-17th             Teacher Work Days

20th-21st                 Home Visits  

22nd-24th             Teacher Work Days

25th                      Playdate on the playground 10:00am-11:00am                        

27th                      Child Orientation (children come with parents, check schedule)   

28th                       First full day of school


1st                        Welcome brown bag lunch  (School closes at 12:00)   

4th                        Labor Day Holiday--no classes                                                   

10th                      Board Meeting 7:00 pm

14th                      Membership  Meeting 7:00 pm (6:30 for new families)

16th                      Fall Consignment Sale

26th                      Teacher Workday: no classes                      



5th                         Parent/Teacher Night Out 7:00 pm  

14th                       Board Meeting 7:00 pm                               

11th                       Teacher/Parent conferences                                                                                                                   

31st                                      Halloween Parade & Potluck (School closes at 12:00 pm)



11th                       Board Meeting 7:00 pm              

12th                       Veteran’s Day Holiday: no classes                                                                                                                                                      

21st                       Teacher Work Day: no classes                                                                                        

22nd-23rd             Thanksgiving Holiday--no classes                                              


9th                          Board Meeting 7:00 pm                                       

20th                        Winter Celebration & Sing-along (School closes at 12:00 pm)

21st                        Teacher Workday

24th-Jan 4th           Winter Break



7th                             School resumes
13th                         Board meeting 7:00 pm    
21st                         Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday--no classes

18th                         Re-enrollment forms due

26th                         Open House 10:30am - 12:00pm                                                              



1st                            Scholarship Applications due
5th                            Annual Membership Meeting

10th                          Board meeting 7:00 pm

20th                          Teacher Workday/staff dev day--no classes                        



4th                            possible consignment sale date

11th                           Board Meeting 7:00 pm
12th-15th                  Silent Auction   (exact date to be determined)                                                                                                          
25th-29th                  Spring Break / no classes
tbd                           Spring Consignment sale



1st                            Teacher Workday: no classes                                      

2nd                           School resumes

14th                           Board Meeting 7:00 pm                     

20th                          Day of Service

25th                          Teacher conferences: no classes                                                                                                                                                                                                    

tbd                            Grounds workday

tbd                            Art Show


19th                       Board Meeting 7:00 pm                 

24th                        Spring Carnival  12:00 pm   (school closes at 12:00)
27th                        Memorial Day Holiday/ no classes                                

7th                        Last Day of School/End of Year Celebration, school closes at 12
10th & 11th          Teacher workdays
tbd                          Board meeting/ New and Former members attend

PlayCAMP starts June 17th